McCallum's Flock

This is the Largest Purebred Denizli Flock in the United States!
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  The denizli is a standard sized long-crowing fowl. It was developed in Turkey near the town of Denizli (hence its name!). The denizliís crow can last 15-35 seconds. There are light, medium and coarse crows. These rare birds have long legs and long necks. Cocks will weigh 7-8.5 lbs and hens 5-6 lbs at maturity. Go to Mark Kingís denizli page and click on the link to hear them crow, \ More pictures of my birds appear on the feather site,

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Roosters sometimes available.
Email for availability.
A moratorium on shipping birds out of the countries where this fowl originates makes it impossible to import birds.  We are selecting for crow length, however, our longest crowers right now are about 5 sec.  That is A LOT longer than most other birds.  Some of our Hens also crow, a highly valued trait.  We have F2, F3, and F4 generations.  We are currently selecting the F5 roosters.  We are aggressively culling for call length.
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